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About integrations

Integrations allow you to expand the functionality offered by Instant Commerce. In this document, we will go over the different kinds of integrations we offer. You can find an overview of all integrations on our website.

You set up integrations per store.

Essential integrations

You have to set up integrations with Shopify and Storyblok in order for your Instant Commerce store to function.

Integrations with plug-'n-play setup

We offer over twenty integrations that are very easy to set up.


The Add integration screen in Instant Commerce gives you an up-to-date overview of available integrations. To see it, open your Instant Commerce store, go to Integrations, and click Add integration.

For most of these integrations, you simply have to:

  1. Create an account with the integration provider and obtain the API credentials (a key, ID, token, and/or secret).
    • You get the API credentials from the integration provider. They are usually shown on a settings or your account page.
    • On the integration's page in Instant Commerce you can see what the credentials for that integration are called.
  2. Open your Instant Commerce store, go to Integrations, and click Add integration.
  3. Find the integration you'd like to add and click Enable.
  4. Enter the API key or the ID and click save.
    The integration should now have the status Connected.

Most of the settings for these plug-'n-play integrations are configured on the website of the integration provider.


A lot of these integrations are even more beneficial when integrated side-by-side with both Instant Commerce and Shopify.

Integrations with advanced setup

The following integrations require advanced setup: