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Klaviyo (back in stock flow)

When products are out of stock, customers are left at a dead end. From there, they are very likely to go to a competitor, even if they had already decided they wanted a specific product.

Klaviyo Back in Stock

With the back in stock flow you allow customers to sign up with their email address to receive automated email notifications when you restock a certain product or product variant. Your customers can then resume their purchase and get the product they want!

Set up the back in stock flow

  1. Make sure the Klaviyo integration is enabled on your Instant Commerce store.
    • If you don't have it enabled yet, open your store, go to Integrations, and find the Klaviyo integration. Click Enable and enter your keys on the pop-up that opens.
  2. Go to Klaviyo to build your back in stock flow.
  3. Open your store in Instant Commerce, go to Integrations, and click Configure on the Klaviyo integration.
  4. Turn the back in stock flow on.
  5. (Optional) Turn Prompt customers to opt-in for email marketing on. This will ask customers if they want to receive marketing emails as well as the back in stock notification when they are setting the latter up.
  6. Save your changes.

Once you've built the back in stock flow in Klaviyo and turned it on in Instant Commerce, you're all set up!