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Create a store

To offer top notch shopping experiences, your organization needs at least one store.

  1. Open Instant Commerce and go to Stores.
  2. Click Create store in the top right and enter the name of your store.
    • We recommend you use the name of your brand. If you are creating a store for a specific region, you can make the store name also more specific, like "My Brand name - Europe".
  3. Enter the support or contact email of your business.
    • This email address will not be visible to your customers but will be used for the creation of certain sections, like the Contact form section.
  4. Click Create store.

You've created your store. Make sure you connect it to your Shopify store.


You can change your store name later.
When you enter your store name, a subdomain for your store is automatically created. If you want, you can add a custom domain later.

Duplicate store

When you want to create a new store that is very similar to an existing store, you can duplicate it.


Make sure you have room for more stores in your current plan or upgrade your plan.

  1. Open Instant Commerce and go to Stores.
  2. Click the store you want to duplicate and click the three dots icon.
  3. Follow the steps in the wizard to duplicate the store.

After duplicating, connect the new store to a Shopify store.