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By default your Instant Commerce store is published to:

However, you can also publish your store to any domain you own, which would look like:

To publish your storefront to your own domain, you need to have registered your domain with a domain provider first. If you have done this, you should have access to the DNS settings and be able make the necessary changes. If you don't have access to these settings, contact your domain provider.

Add your own domain


If the DNS records have been updated in the 24 hours prior to you adding the DNS records to your Instant Store, the verification of your domain might fail. This is because it can take up to 24 hours for the DNS servers worldwide to reflect the change. If this is the case, you can select Check later and review the verification status at a later time.

Before you begin, make sure your DNS at your provider are correct (allow for update time if you apply changes, see the note above).

  1. Open your store, go to Settings > Domains, and click Add domain.
  2. On the pop up that opens fill in your registered domain name and click Next.
  3. After your domain name has been processed by our backend, you will receive a set of instructions based on the domain type.
    • If yours is a root domain (e.g., a set of two A records needs to be added to the DNS records with your DNS provider.
    • If yours is a sub domain (e.g., a CNAME record need to be added to the DNS records with your DNS provider.
  4. Once you add the necessary records into the DNS records of your domain provider, you can start the verification process. The verification process can take up to a few minutes.

After you add your domain, you can automatically start the process of adding a www subdomain.


Every DNS host has their own way of updating DNS records. We recommend that you read the documentation provided by your DNS provider.

Using a default domain

If you have multiple domains, you can choose a default domain. Choosing a default domain means that domain will then be shown as the store URL, regardless of how your customers navigated to your store.

Set a default domain

  1. Open your store, go to Settings > Domains, and click Select default domain.
  2. On the pop up that opens select the domain you want to set as default and click Set primary domain.
  3. Turn Redirect traffic from all domains to primary domain on.

Removing domains

If you want, you can remove a domain that you added to your Instant Commerce store.

Remove a domain

  1. Open your store and go to Settings > Domains.
  2. Click Remove for the domain you want to remove.
  3. Click Remove custom domain.