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With product personalization, you can allow you customers to add engraving, gift wrapping, or other personal touches to specific products.

To do so, you first create a personalization. To this personalization you then add options. (You can add multiple options to one personalization.) Finally, you link the personalization to products in your store so that it appears on your storefront.


You may offer a range of products in custom colors (meaning customers have to pick a custom color). Every custom color product can also be engraved. You can then create one product personalization with two options: custom color and engraving, with the color option being mandatory.

Let's say you also offer the option of gift wrapping, but this applies to all your products, not just the custom color ones with optional engraving. In this case it would be best to create gift wrapping as a seperate product personalization and apply it to all products.

Set up a product personalization

You have to carry out all the steps below to create a product personalization. They've been subdivided for reading convenience only.

Create a product personalization

  1. Open your Instant Commerce store and go to Product options > Product personalization.
  2. Click Create new Personalization.
  3. Enter a Name and Label for the personalization. Entering a Description is optional.

Add personalization options

  1. Under Personalization Options, click Add option.
  2. Select an option to add and click Add option.
  3. Enter a Name and Label for this specific option. Entering a Description is optional.
  4. You can make this option mandatory by selecting the checkbox.
  5. (Optional) You can add further personalization options to this product personalization if they are always offered together with the other option in this product personalization.
  1. Under Products on the right side of the screen, click Manage.
  2. Select all the products for which you want to offer this product personalization and click Done.

Once you've added personalization options and products, Save your product personalization to make it appear on your storefront.

Removing personalizations

To remove product personalizations, open your Instant Commerce store, go to Product options > Product personalization, and click on the trashcan icon for the product personalization you want to remove.

A dialog will appear asking you if you are sure. Removing a personalization will cause the product personalization to disappear from your storefront.

Remove products

Products can be deleted from a personalization.

  1. Go to Product options > Product personalization.
  2. Select the personalization option from which you want to remove products.
  3. Click on the trashcan icon next to the products label that you want to remove.