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Dynamic variants

With dynamic variants, you can link multiple products from your Shopify store together and present them as variants of the same product in your Instant Commerce storefront. This comes in handy if you want to show different information about a product when a customer selects a different variant (for products with 'normal' variants, the information displayed stays the same no matter what variant is selected).


You can only use dynamic variants for one product option across your store.
You can't add dynamics variants to one product for color options and then add dynamics variants to another product for material options, for instance.

You can add dynamic variants for different products as long as their are variants for the same options. For example, if you offer a pants design in corduroy and jeans, and a shirt design in cotton and linen, you can link these variants as dynamic variants, because they are all material options. Just make sure you define separate tags for each product.

To use dynamic variants, you have to set up dynamic variants in Shopify and then set up dynamic variants in Instant Commerce.

Set up dynamic variants in Shopify

  1. Open your Shopify store and go to Products.
  2. Open or create the product for which you want to use dynamic variants.
  3. At the top of the product page, click Duplicate and in the pop-up:
    1. Give the new product a meaningful name (preferably the name of the product with the name of the variant added between brackets),
    2. Select all the fields you want to copy,
    3. Select Set as draft for the Product status,
    4. Click Duplicate product.
  4. Add all the available product options to the newly added product by clicking Add another option.
    Don't add the option(s) for which you are setting up the dynamic variants (for instance, don't add the material option if you are setting up dynamic variants to show different images for different material options)
  5. Under Product organization on the product page, add a tag formatted as product_${variantName} (e.g., product_top-summer-breeze).
  6. Repeat these steps for all of the variants you want to offer as dynamic variants, adding the same tag to all products that you want as dynamic variants of each other.

Set up dynamic variants in Instant Commerce

  1. Open your Instant Commerce store and go to Product options > Dynamic variants.
  2. Toggle the feature on.
  3. Add a name for the option that will be displayed by dynamic variants and, if necessary, add the translations.
  4. Save your changes.