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How to set up redirects

You can configure redirects in Instant Commerce. These are useful for when you are migrating and want to ensure that your old links keep working for SEO purposes and overall continuity.

Add a redirect

  1. Open your Instant Commerce store and go to Settings > Redirects.
  2. Click Add redirect.
  3. Select redirect type. You can select two different redirect types:
    • 307 - Temporary redirect
    • 308 - Permanent redirect
  4. Fill in Redirect from. This is the original path that you want users to redirect from.
    You can only use paths, so that the redirects work on multiple domain names.
  5. Fill in Redirect to. This is the path or url that you want to redirect users to. When they navigat to the old url (the Redirect from), this will be their destination.

Edit a redirect

Click on the redirect source URL or Edit link of the redirect that you wish to edit. A dialog with settings will open.

Click on the Remove redirect link to remove this entry.