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Working with changes in the customizer

When you finish making changes in the customizer and you want to save them, click Save or Save & Publish in the top right.

Saving and publishing changes

  • If you Save & publish, the changes you made are saved and instantly pushed to Storyblok. This means you will see them reflected there as well.

  • You can also just Save your changes in Instant Commerce. This means your changes won't be pushed to Storyblok. (They will be pushed to Storyblok the next time you Save & Publish or Publish)

  • You can Publish your saved changes if you click the dropdown arrow to the right of Save. Publishing will push only changes to Storyblok that you already saved in Instant Commerce. (It won't push the changes you made since the last time you saved).


After clicking either Save & Publish or Publish, you will see a window that lists the changes that you are about to publish.


Versions are coming soon!

Previewing changes

With Preview live (which you can also find if you click the dropdown arrow to the right of Save) you can preview the changes you've made but not saved yet. This is different than clicking the eye icon next to Save & Publish, because clicking that icon shows you a preview of your store with the saved changes.

Unpublishing the latest changes

If you want you can Unpublish the current live version, meaning you rollback the last set of changes you pushed to Storyblok. To do this, click the dropdown arrow to the right of Save and select Unpublish.