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Create a page template


This feature is currently in beta, and should not be used in production yet.

Using this feature requires the beta version of the SDK to be installed. If you have any feedback, please open an issue on GitHub.

A page template is a block that overrides the default page template for a specific page. It is used to create a custom page layout, and can extend the default page template with additional components.

Currently the only supported page template is the pdp template: the template used for product pages.

Once your project is running, you can create a page block. Creating a new page template is done by using the generate command, followed by a name for the block, and the --type option with the desired page type. Generate will create local files needed to start developing a block.


instant generate page <name> --type pdp


The add command adds the block to the current organisation which is connected to your account. If your account has multiple organisations connected to it, Instant will prompt you to select which organisation the block belongs to.

instant add [blocknames..]